What is the first step when buying an Uptown condo?

First off you want to find a good Realtor® that works in the area and knows the market. The next step it to get prequalified for a loan. This is an easy process that takes about 20 to 30 minutes. After that you find a condo and purchase the condo. From the time you make an offer to the time you get to move in, it usually takes about 45 days. So with that said make sure you have enough time to find your next home. Also, as a buyer you not pay any fees to your real estate agent all fees are paid for by the seller.

What are some things to watch out for when buying a condo?

You need to be aware of the HOA fee, an extra fee on your monthly payment. This fee can range from 100 dollars up to 300+. Make sure you allow for this within budget when you condo shopping.

Also when condo shopping make sure the condo’s HOA meets all bank requirements. If they don’t, you will not be able to get a loan.

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